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星期四, 5月 27, 2010

Annoucement 2010.05

Dear all, designwitheyes blog will be closed from tomorrow to the end of the summer.


I am grateful to all the friends who ever stopped by here and shared with me ideas.

As a Taiwanese designer, I cannot stop searching a better approach of share ideas of design based on my social network in order to fulfill the vision of being a creative problem-solver.

Right now, the design industry is facing challenges from environmental issues. As for the position of industrial design, I definitely believe we should come back to the first question we ask ourselves to any design projects. Just like what the book ,Cradle to Cradle , communicates us. "We are having design problems". This is a important idea drives me to think of the basic question of who & what I should design for. And it leads the result of suspending the blog.

After refreshing myself this summer, I will have the confidence to
- add value to things I have passion for.
- help other people as a creative problem-solver.
- establish long-term relationships with everyone.
- have fun everyday!!!

Thank you for supporting.


YungChun, Eddie, Chang 2010.05.27

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星期五, 3月 26, 2010



現在我是個剛出社會不久的新鮮人,從事設計是我的志向,在前輩與同行的眼中,可能我是個衝動 企圖心強 適合追求理想的人,而這樣的特質其實是在長庚教育的環境中慢慢被引發出來,能在長庚這樣較遠離塵囂卻又不缺資源的環境,給予我發現自我價值的機會.





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星期四, 9月 17, 2009

What's the desire of your design?

Designing desire
I was reading a book which is "desire : the shape of things to come.(published by Gestalten, Berlin 2008)" The introduction was written by Andrej Kupetz who is a important person in German design field. Here, I share one of his speech and some good points on design he wrote in this book.

below are parts of the introduction in the book:
-It is very difficult to argue that there is any real purpose in the design of a chair, which a briefing has laid down should be like anyother chair, but different from it.

-The question about the appropriate form for an object, whcich should arise from its function, has become redundant, since thousands of functions can be stored on media that are only a few nanometres in size.

-There are no patterns of behaviour or rules for designers any more that draw on an ideology with discipline inherent in it.

Designers find themselves within a hard-fought competition of identities.

21st century design is individualists' design to only a limited extent. Design still acts within a stylistic system that is pluralistic in a way that it was not in times of functionalism and that is essentially characterised by four quetions that certainly do imply aesthetic expression and a design language:

can modernism be continued?
what does the future look like?
How can I entertain you?
What can I contribute to creating or sustaining an enveronment that is worth living in?

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星期六, 4月 25, 2009

Toshiyuki Kita 喜多俊之展

Today I got the chance to visit the exhibition in MOT design gallery which is about a Japanese master of industrial design - Toshiyuki Kita. Quickly I was attracted by his lighting design - Tako.

Cause I saw something beautiful without showing off. It simply represents the connection between light and the paper. Suddernly I realize that he has the ability to improve the traditional art craft to modern form. Of course this is also a good sample why I believe that Taiwanese designers should keep finding the relationship between those falling industrial factories and new designs. We need more people to follow the tradition then innovate it.

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星期日, 4月 12, 2009


a lovely old wall paper in a dilapidated house shot by Mina Wu

You decorate it with lace.



以此短篇懷念你 - Mina

"You decorate this world with lace."
This is your word. I change and send it for you


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星期四, 8月 07, 2008

Annoucement 公告-FireFox為本部落格最佳瀏覽器

FireFox > Internet Explorer
1. If the viewer's web-browser is Internet Explorer (IE), the right side of my blog won't show up. Since I still couldn't fix the problem, this annoucement is placed to claim that the best web-browser for my blog is FireFox 3. Sorry for the inconvenience.

本部落格的最佳瀏覽器為 FireFox 3,若讀者朋友們用微軟Internet Explorer (IE),部落格將有右大半邊的連結資訊無法顯示,礙於本人還無法專心修改,在此說聲抱歉。

2. The blog attached a online messager -MeeBo- which allows viewers to ask me questiones directly. Cheers.

Author Chun 07Aug08'

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星期五, 8月 01, 2008

After rocking the city with Karim Rashid in Taipei

Karim Rashid(L), Hau & Me
That's the way a good designer thinking design.
I believe most of audiences(whoever is one of his fans or not) love yesterday's speech. Karim R. didn't stop a second thinking and brought his thoughts of design on the table. That's the character I like him most which is all about honest, aggressive and passionate... maybe a little bit arrogant.

Here, I just want to briefly share something from the talk.

Take responsibility to use materials cleverly.
Karim R. was talking about how materials should be used nowadays to point out the standpoint he has as a designer. This is a common topic but crucial factor of proceeding design in this world. In the Q&A section, he also asked the representative of PIDC about how they face the need of reducing the waste of materials and the trend of sustainability. He believes that's the duty of organizations such as PIDA should take.

What's Design to Karim?
Social Act/Emotion/Relationship/Desire/Origin/Take risks

Trends to Consider when we Design
Immaterial than material/Globalization(People around the world are getting similar to each other.)/Technologies are easy to assemble/

What's the icon/representative of objects in this century?
How do you think? He thinks of "Pen and paper."

The interpretations in the article remain my own.

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星期二, 7月 29, 2008

淺談 設計操作的原創與抄襲




在設計創作中,因為概念與視覺化基本上是被分開拿出來操作的(就像Mina整篇在講的形與意),也因此一般人比較容易(甚至說理所當然)會注意形,也就是感官上比較直接的媒介、視覺化的結果,來與自身的文化產生共鳴或者想法,就像這位留言者只注意到Mina跟Hussein halayan作品的形,而沒有去仔細解讀作者們各自用心用力的背後故事。不過有趣的是,至少這留言是依個「注重原創」的動機,這種想法是應該被鼓勵的,只不過很需要加強爭論點的脈絡,因為突如其來的責難是會傷害到創作者的。



Chun 29July08'

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星期四, 7月 24, 2008

The new direction of design - the US point of view

The trend of capitalism in design...

"BusinessWeek Innovation chief Bruce Nussbaum talks to Frank Tyneski, IDSA's Ducati-driving executive director about new directions for design and innovation
Major trend in the design field."

He briefly mentioned some important topics like below

1.Push economy - Retailers have more pull to tell manufacturers what they want and even hold their own internal design teams to meet more consumers needs and to push manufacturers to create unique products.

2.New design generation:
Challenge: Tools changed to digital experiences.
According to the tools, we hardly indentify individuals' works...but depending on the Internet, overall problem-solving skill has a deeper understanding within the generation.

3.Global collaborative product development:
The difficulty of separating design process into different cultures. For example, form making/form giving shifts to Asia?

Good news for industrial designers.

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星期三, 7月 09, 2008

Rock the City - Karim Rashid

One of great contemporary product designers!
Ok, Karim Rashid ... I don't even need to introduce him. Although few close designers don't like his works, I enjoy his modern and aggressive design sense very much.

The exhibition locates in my dear friend Young's new retail shop - Design Comb
There are also few more events. Check it out.
Let's shape a beautiful world! by KR

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星期四, 7月 03, 2008


Communication is the priority!

除了形塑廠商外,真的感謝這兩天來Monster Bag攤位交流的朋友,台南的一家人一口氣購買四個、映象夫婦和Carl前輩及朋友Lucy、小妹、田園陳先生、22Studio、哲偉、振琪、鴿子、晏伶、學弟妹們。

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星期六, 6月 28, 2008

Art For The Masses - In MOT _ Taipei

Caution! Designer Toy is not for kids!
I went to this exhibition which is a quite interesting exhibition about Chinese artists' creations between Art and Toy design. Although I believe the designer toy culture is not mature in Taiwan, this is still a good start to make cross-the-line effort on art and design. Wish this type of business go on in Taiwan.

Exhibition Host - MOT

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星期五, 6月 20, 2008

From Watteau's secret to form language - Hidden

Love in the French Theatre
剛看了 What my eyes have seen中文翻成羅浮宮謎情的法國片,裡面把名畫家Jean-Antoine Watteau的祕密用現代巧妙的諷刺愛情劇情串聯起來...

在我感覺,畫家總是會有一段很情緒化的、很自私的、很掙扎的把生命用畫筆將自己變成一幅畫的過程。當現代逐漸讓設計與藝術模糊化,設計者把這樣的邏輯情感轉化成創作設計已經是看得到的了。去揣摩思考Watteau的創作過程,他把自己奢望的愛人畫下來,又用 "畫上另外一層來掩蓋掉得不到愛的痛苦",這樣的"隱藏"行為結合創作邏輯是一種可以轉化成設計議題的思考,也因為是由人性- "逃避" 觀點發生的特性,概念上衍生出人與物彼此之間的關係,就能夠進一步反應當代人的問題。

也因為這樣,我聯想到Mina Wu這個floral shower的作品,因為對我來說這個作品傳達出強烈的"隱藏"甚至該說是"揭露隱藏",它談出了一種自己的、多元文化上的語言交集點。

Mina Wu Floral Shower T-shirt.Droog collection


"The language of the t-shirt is personal, private and related to the
Asian background of Mina Wu, on the other hand it is recognizable and
universal. The vernacular is transposed into the global. It is about
loss and about offering new perspectives."


Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp by Philippe Starck


the Lessev mobile station at the show. Takafumi Nemoto

其實從身邊週遭點點滴滴都可以找到這些邏輯被運用,然而運用的層次就看個人造化了,在Art Center有位Dallas Good用form-language進行造型與語彙邏輯的思考訓練,是一門會讓人開竅的課程,他有on-line course,非常推薦,不過他不好惹就是了。


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星期二, 6月 17, 2008

TWDesigners'Week 08 - Monster's New FootPrint in Taipei

Design & beyond
今年第二屆台灣設計師週,我與形塑合作的Monster Bag將會加入設計市集的行列,看到這篇文章的人記得要到現場找我聊聊設計、敘敘舊囉! 這次的活動著重在設計師間的交流,市集攤位由十一事務所處理,有12顆直徑3.5公尺的透明氦氣汽球構成的上空場域,一定會很有意思,相關活動參考官網。
地點:信義公民會館(原四四南村) 台北市信義區 松勤路50號(世貿一館對面)
[設計師週 Official website]

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星期四, 6月 12, 2008

對長庚工設來說「新一代設計展重要嗎?」Does YODEX really matter to CGUID?

What's your vision?

作為一個在長庚工設讀了有像在讀中醫系般久的學長(大學到研究所嚴格說起來是七年,中醫系要讀八年!),看到至少六屆左右的發展,加上自己在Art Center的經驗,真的感觸良多,下一屆學弟GGN很有心的主動當總召,想要做出些不同的東西,闖出不只是現有長庚的視野,甚至儘可能的用自己的力量去帶動風氣,希望未來在設計展上讓長庚更被重視,才可以跟實踐工設或其他學校比。說真的,這學弟我欣賞也很鼓勵他,不過同時也告訴他我真實的想法是,對長庚工設來說「設計展不重要,重要的是你能不能找出工設在長庚的優勢進而運用它?」說穿了,在設計展上被多一點媒體報導,有多重要?台灣新一代設計師們的設計價值跟漂漂亮亮的展有多少關係?



而這也是我認為目前長庚工設整體規劃裡最大的問題 -「學生的參與並沒有與系上正向的結合」,很多人只會報怨「長庚不有名、實踐好棒」、「我不清楚老師給的方向」等等,然而卻因此學不會從老師身上共生並成長,那怎麼產生長庚工設的優勢呢?

所以我的觀點是,以長庚來說,如何集合此屆學生的力量,「了解並參與系上在未來設計方向上的規劃」:主動參與系上的規劃,提供學生對老師規劃的看法,進一步影響決策。「建立各種可能的優勢交集,並dream big,將理想先放大,找成立的可能性」:主動與其他長庚優秀系所合作,運用老師的專業與資源,去建立各種跟成功人士的合作案或提供指導,例如:與長庚醫學系合作一針對地震災難的緊急狀況思考,請(在設計結合醫學與工程上)領先企業-Philips,在前Taiwan Design Center的陳禧冠 (Shikuan Chen)先生參與指導。當然最重要的還是,找到自己對設計的熱忱,別輕易放棄,但也別過分強求,適時的抽根菸、喝杯酒,做最適合的自己。


在此送給GGN,I believe in you... Just do what you believe.

ps:現在Art Center College of Design的學生在進行一個重大的集體抗議,反對現任校長的學校方針與經費運用,你會相信這一切的開始是我一位產品設計學弟在部落格上的「一篇文章嗎」?

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