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星期四, 9月 17, 2009

What's the desire of your design?

Designing desire
I was reading a book which is "desire : the shape of things to come.(published by Gestalten, Berlin 2008)" The introduction was written by Andrej Kupetz who is a important person in German design field. Here, I share one of his speech and some good points on design he wrote in this book.

below are parts of the introduction in the book:
-It is very difficult to argue that there is any real purpose in the design of a chair, which a briefing has laid down should be like anyother chair, but different from it.

-The question about the appropriate form for an object, whcich should arise from its function, has become redundant, since thousands of functions can be stored on media that are only a few nanometres in size.

-There are no patterns of behaviour or rules for designers any more that draw on an ideology with discipline inherent in it.

Designers find themselves within a hard-fought competition of identities.

21st century design is individualists' design to only a limited extent. Design still acts within a stylistic system that is pluralistic in a way that it was not in times of functionalism and that is essentially characterised by four quetions that certainly do imply aesthetic expression and a design language:

can modernism be continued?
what does the future look like?
How can I entertain you?
What can I contribute to creating or sustaining an enveronment that is worth living in?

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