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星期四, 8月 07, 2008

Annoucement 公告-FireFox為本部落格最佳瀏覽器

FireFox > Internet Explorer
1. If the viewer's web-browser is Internet Explorer (IE), the right side of my blog won't show up. Since I still couldn't fix the problem, this annoucement is placed to claim that the best web-browser for my blog is FireFox 3. Sorry for the inconvenience.

本部落格的最佳瀏覽器為 FireFox 3,若讀者朋友們用微軟Internet Explorer (IE),部落格將有右大半邊的連結資訊無法顯示,礙於本人還無法專心修改,在此說聲抱歉。

2. The blog attached a online messager -MeeBo- which allows viewers to ask me questiones directly. Cheers.

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