Design with eyes 設計眼: Annoucement 2010.05

星期四, 5月 27, 2010

Annoucement 2010.05

Dear all, designwitheyes blog will be closed from tomorrow to the end of the summer.


I am grateful to all the friends who ever stopped by here and shared with me ideas.

As a Taiwanese designer, I cannot stop searching a better approach of share ideas of design based on my social network in order to fulfill the vision of being a creative problem-solver.

Right now, the design industry is facing challenges from environmental issues. As for the position of industrial design, I definitely believe we should come back to the first question we ask ourselves to any design projects. Just like what the book ,Cradle to Cradle , communicates us. "We are having design problems". This is a important idea drives me to think of the basic question of who & what I should design for. And it leads the result of suspending the blog.

After refreshing myself this summer, I will have the confidence to
- add value to things I have passion for.
- help other people as a creative problem-solver.
- establish long-term relationships with everyone.
- have fun everyday!!!

Thank you for supporting.


YungChun, Eddie, Chang 2010.05.27

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