Design with eyes 設計眼: After rocking the city with Karim Rashid in Taipei

星期五, 8月 01, 2008

After rocking the city with Karim Rashid in Taipei

Karim Rashid(L), Hau & Me
That's the way a good designer thinking design.
I believe most of audiences(whoever is one of his fans or not) love yesterday's speech. Karim R. didn't stop a second thinking and brought his thoughts of design on the table. That's the character I like him most which is all about honest, aggressive and passionate... maybe a little bit arrogant.

Here, I just want to briefly share something from the talk.

Take responsibility to use materials cleverly.
Karim R. was talking about how materials should be used nowadays to point out the standpoint he has as a designer. This is a common topic but crucial factor of proceeding design in this world. In the Q&A section, he also asked the representative of PIDC about how they face the need of reducing the waste of materials and the trend of sustainability. He believes that's the duty of organizations such as PIDA should take.

What's Design to Karim?
Social Act/Emotion/Relationship/Desire/Origin/Take risks

Trends to Consider when we Design
Immaterial than material/Globalization(People around the world are getting similar to each other.)/Technologies are easy to assemble/

What's the icon/representative of objects in this century?
How do you think? He thinks of "Pen and paper."

The interpretations in the article remain my own.

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