Design with eyes 設計眼: Happy to be one tinny part of the world.

星期一, 11月 13, 2006

Happy to be one tinny part of the world.

(pictured in a coffee shop. It is an interesting table game made in German. Players need to manage their own land piece by piece.)

Thanks Dear God , give me the sense of beauty.
Thank you, my family , give me the abilities of life.
Thank you, my friends , teach me the good things and the bad things.

Sorry for the things I made them wrong.
Sorry for those passed time I didn't pay attention to.

I think I am stronger now. To be a designer and a man.

And it's time for me to show my power of patience and observation.
to prove my sense of design and life.
to catch the value of people and things.

To live with my own style.

YungChun Chang

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