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星期二, 11月 14, 2006

Contextual design reflects the culture

What's the context of a behavior? (designers like to analyise people's behavior)
Does a designer creat things by their own culture?(or even didn't think about it?)
What's culture?(this is the topic our governmental organization care for a while.)
How the culture grow?
What's the value of your design? profit or influences?(Do we ,designers, understand the insight of the objects?)

I am doing a research project on "KangBang."
It is a topic that I care so much and live with it for most of my life in Taiwan.

So, what is it about?
About why does it look so ugly? or why does it look so cheap?
I don't think so. Especially after I found some histories about it, it shows some interesting facts to me.
and leaves lots of questions to me as well.

instrc HSIEH told carefully me that "This is all about contextual design."
I need to take care of "What's the spirit of a KangBang?"
The culture of KangBang is just like a competition of magicians.
The behavior of creating KangBang is the life of Taiwan.
If there are two 蚵仔麵線 stalls, one wooden kangbang with the red ink painting ,
another is the one the same design of arcylic lighting box. Which one you would like to go?

This is a typical question of contextual design.
Then, we can consider how should we develop the new way to upgrade the tradtion.
NOT to escape or get rid of it.
That's because "it is a treasure comes from people's behavior."

I am f**cking feeling excited about it.
It's a chance for me to bulid up something what I believe.


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