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星期五, 11月 03, 2006

Funny Coincidence about the "Book ejection apparatus"

Today, Eleanor told me about the coincidence of the format between her design and other's. That's a normal one for me. Because these two designs are in the same age, the same outline of terms, and the same ideas.

However, it is funny that when I am reading the book "The book on the bookshelf" which is wroten by Henry Petroski. It mentions about how people take books out from bookshelves and how specialists suggest people to do it. And then he said there was an inventor who wants to solve this problem by mechanism. So he designed a device called "book ejection apparatus" which can eject books out from bookshelf.

Title: Book ejection apparatus
Document Type and Number: United States Patent 4050754
Link to this Page:
Abstract: A device for use in a conventional book case to eject a book upon demand.

The interesting thing is that when we have the class "product 3" with Igort Burt. Winston developed an idea which is the same function but different reason. It is for books not to be forgotten. So, shot book out of shelf.

This coincidence makes me laugh but more important thing is to understand the value of a history of behavior. We designers actually can come up with an idea which comes from nowhere. However, it still links to the society we live in and we don't know. Or we don't feel its existence.


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tinnie 提到...

ya, i agree with u my son^^ sometime we designer, if come from similar society or culture, has the same kind of "thinking philosophy" that makes coincident design happen frequently. sometimes i wonder, do we need to think faster than everybody to become the 1st person to come up with the idea? but i finally realize, it's okay to hv coincidence, becoz this is how human nature is, we all hv similar way of thinking according to our society or culture, and plus, as a designer, is to improve human 's life, not to be unique and self branding, so , since we all hv the same goal--"improve human life quality", so hving coincident become so normal~ haha. wat do u think ? ^^

YungChun 提到...

YES... I like your comments a lot.
Before I didn't accept the idea of coincidence, even don't think of talking about it. I used to believe the coincidence means you didn't make effort on the topic or you copy other's idea... However, as these years went by, I totally believe the design is not belong to a person. It comes from the soicety, and its structure. For example, the people of a city will come up with an unique amount of needs. They won't be the same with the needs from people who live on the mountain.
However, designers sometimes will have the same solutions to two different environments. Why not?