Design with eyes 設計眼: Philippe Starck Said "Design is Dead"

星期四, 4月 03, 2008

Philippe Starck Said "Design is Dead"


Check out the newest interview of Philippe Starck
and the discussion from PSFK

This is really important to think about how a famous designer will feel ashamed about his previous works after years. P.S do become a very popular topic in the world. And I know lots of young designers treat him like God father. But there are more complains about how expensive and useless his works are. Especially the environmental issues are coming up. People like Michael Braungart who is trying to change the system of industrial production really work on solutions to the situation. I see this is a very important duty as a young product designer.

However, it is a really tough subject for the development of Aisa market. Because what Braungart tries to do is not only about the companies but also about the education. It needs time.

I still remember Braungart said a survey about Asia's fake products - " Fake brands' products has less toxic elements than real brands. How do you feel about it?" Designers are in an age to make change for the nature, and we need to learn the lesson from the last generation.

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