Design with eyes 設計眼: Shida Kuo Solo Exhibition

星期一, 9月 03, 2007

Shida Kuo Solo Exhibition

Made in New York
I went to this exhibition locates in Eslite Gallery in Taipei.
Surprisingly, the artist's creation gave me a strong impact of visualization. Very simple and clear graphics are used to form a iconic drawing. So catching my eyes, I couldn't stop thinking. I started to ask some questions. Such as why he used this material, this colour, this shape and what he wanted to show. However, after checking out the introduction of this exhibit and chatting with the host I found out Shida did not want to show anything during the period of creating. This is what I couldn't image before. Probably, it is because the nature of designer. I tend to think logically. Then, I pushed myself to see his works again. Those works start to become alive to me. It is like I talk to a new friend fearlessly and just try to be myself. This is a huge change to me and a new perspective to enjoy arts.

brief introduction of Shida Kuo

1982 師範大學美術系,學士 台灣
1992 紐約大學藝術系,碩士 紐約
1993 迄今 紐約大學藝術系兼任教授

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