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星期五, 6月 08, 2007

Wow! Show me some Art Center Car Sketches!

Alex Chou
Damn! What a charming title -A Taiwanese who grows up in America and is studying transportation in Art Center College of Design as a seventh term student. In addition, he has a nice looking!!! (Okey, as his friend, it should be enough for the compliment.) All right, after almost 3 hours talking, I think it really got some points of what Art Center Car Design is and what the difference of Art Center is. It is a good try for me to connect people who I know and are interested in design. I try to take advantage of Art Center a lot when I came back, cause I believe that to share design is a way to find out your own strength.

About today's talking, Alex shared his portfolio of three projects. From fourth term to seventh term he did improved a lot not only on the skill but also the details. Some important suggestions for who loves car design he said...
1. Try your best to get into the best school
2. My life is full of car. You know, only thing I talk daily is "car."
3. Firm up your basic car drawing skill first. Such as perspective, proportion and contrast.
4. Sketch is everything of car design.

(Alex Chou was sharing his portfolio.)

(Alex Chou was giving a quick sketching sample)

Alex, I have some questions for you.
1.What's the full process of Art Center style car design?
2.How do you tell who is a good car designer?
3.How do you cooperate with company's marketing people?(in the intern, what do you learn the most?)
4.What's your aim of your design career?
Please answer when you are available.

In my opinion, every design students should explore every possibilities of what your passion is.
To choose a right environment is the very first thing to do for that. Don't let your interest asleep. Art Center is always a good choice for designers.

If you love design, product design, product sketch, or rendering, let me know. We definitely could become friends.

Thanks for all the attendances today, I love ya.

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