Design with eyes 設計眼: Notes of the conversation with Kuo-Jung Hsieh

星期二, 9月 12, 2006

Notes of the conversation with Kuo-Jung Hsieh

Today, Mr. Hsieh tried to inform me that I need to decide if I want to make effort on the subject of "individual designer brand" or not. He said "It will be a tough work if you didn't concertrate on it." And then we start to talk about the big picture of ID department, master program and Taiwan's design field.

Q: What was your vision of our ID department? And what kind of students do you want them to be?
A: I changed my directions twice. Cause my profession is "Culture." I tried to promote it to the department greatly. However, it was a mess and the classes are not good enough to "生根." It is because I lack understanding of student's ability of design. So, now ... I conclude that it should be a right timing to push the idea of "designer brand" for graduate students.

-The core of design should be "culture."
-CAID provides the opportunity for designers to use production.
-Business influences by internet.

Taiwan's industry is in a situation which all the big companies moved to China.
The mid-size and small-size companies or factories is stopping. They worry about
the business. This is a good chance for designers to communicate about the idea
of designer brand. For example, the factory provides the technology of
production. And designers can do the design.

good design?
-logical solution lacks the quality of human behavior
-culture includes language , history and sub/high culture.

to be continued

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