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星期二, 9月 19, 2006

[Mail] To Dallas Good

Yo ! Ni How...(你好)
How is the teaching?
I have been thinking about the online class all the time.
As far as my ability of form development concerned, I think the lecture you created is the best way for me to improve it. Meanwhile, I am focusing my graduate paper on "designer brand" and designing new merchandises for next Valentine's day. Why do I mention these ? That's because I believe these subjects all related to the logic of form event a lot.

About the paper of "Designer Brand"- Taiwan's economy is facing the situation of the moving of China's mess production. Big companies or enterprises all move away.
It is a important timing for the mid-size or small enterprises to make decision of surviving.
I think it also means the condition is good enough for good designers to make connection with them.

The purpose of the paper is to find out how Taiwanese designers can create the individual brand and survive with those enterprises that have good production quality.I will try to make three product lines for the new brand. So, it means I need to have the ability to explore Taiwan's culture and design. Maybe I can do some project about Taiwan's culture via your lecture. Kind of like the class "style composition", that you are doing. How do you think?

About another project of Valentine's day, this is a freelance case. However, it is a good chance for me to do something interesting. Maybe I can do something via your lecture as well.

Anyway, I am looking forward to your suggestions.

Best wishes


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