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星期三, 6月 04, 2008

John Maeda * REEBOK = Vision to a good design

Really interesting shoe project -emoretion- by John Maeda.
I am reading his book - "Simplicity", which is a part of his working-on-progress paper. He tries to figure out what is "simplicity" to him and also provides ten principles of creating simplicity to daily life. It does give a better perspective for me to see the world.

I like to mention about his "SHE" principle in the book. SHE is JM's method about "reduce" and "time".
S= Shrink, H=Hide , E=Embody. Three steps to reduce waste and save time.
Also let you simplify thoughts or things. This also could be read as a vision to different subjects. For a organization, people could follow the vision to solve problems without confusing or to create an innovative result. For an educator, he/she could practice the principle to improve the condition of human environment. No doubt, the prospective vision could be considered to be a company vision, team spirit,individual philosophy or even the key words of a design project.

「Design Concept Key themes」
The interesting part of emoretion project is how JM provides the vision for designers to design the appearance and details (material, texture, colours, usage) of the shoe.

In it, he urges us to embrace our natural desire for personal meaning in everything we do. The shoe design is inspired by this motion intuition. Using Reebok’s iconic Freestyle as his canvas, Professor Maeda’s handwritten code decorates the shoe’s lining and creates the stunning digital paisley print, representing a burst of pure energy and emotion. Holographic straps bring this design to life with your every move, while the velvet-wraped mid-sole and tongue-liner take the shoe to a new level of elegance."

, genius, and fearless are three of seven keys he has found out for the shoe. You won't believe that how this will make design process more efficient.

emoretion by John Maeda

If we could provide a better vision of life, the way to prove it is to make it into any possible design works. So, a designer now should not only have professional skills but also keep improving life and trying others not try.

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