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星期五, 6月 06, 2008

About Monster Bag - 怪物包 Part I

yo eddie!
a request from my friend Art Center Alumnus - Takashi Kono

"You should write about how u came about doing this project on ur blog. I'm curious...?"

Monster Bag is my master degree thesis project which is about

" how an individual industrial designer start a new product development actively and collaborate with plastic molding manufacture in Taiwan."

The aim is to find out the possibility of it. This is not a new topic for design profession in Europe or Japan or US.( Karim Rashid, Marc Newson are big names of designer brand.) However, to considered the role of design is getting more important in Taiwan (not only in Taiwan but all Asia.) and the condition of manufacture as well... yes, I believe designers have a huge opportunity to create market value by new cooperation business model( sorry for the translation... I mean how designers try new business ways to purpose their idea.)

After Monster Bag released, we get to know more information about where the market is and the value of what we are doing. Right now, I have more strength on creating valuable new products and controlling company budget. But also get to understand my weakness - marketing. I know there is more for me to learn. What I really want to do next is to work or get intern in excellect designer's studio (Karim Rashid , Ross Lovegrove , Natao Fukasawa) or jump to other field which is not about design...

Anyways, I enjoy to discuss with you a lot.

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