Design with eyes 設計眼: Had fun in Pucha Kucha Taipei Vol.5

星期日, 3月 09, 2008

Had fun in Pucha Kucha Taipei Vol.5

Don't be shy.

Pucha Kucha is pretty interesting occasion for every kind of creative profession. I had fun talking with few nice people. Such as the local artist Cola King and his agent, Fred(the previous host) and the manager of the retail in XUE XUE.

For my opinion, this is a great great great chance to know what the creative business is going on in Taiwan and only spend you two hundreds NTD. The key thing is that you need to keep your eyes and mind open to get the touch with others.

I would like to share some thoughts after the party. Actually, people are willing to talk but not active at all, so that's why someone, like Cola king, his agent is there to represent for him. This is a really smart move for an artist.

I was also surprised by the variety of creative profession. Not only design field but also music, art, and architecture are involved. According to few speeches and talks, I think people are from different fields,but overall in the same stage of bottleneck. What? That is we are not international enough. The creative community grows much slowly than Japan, Korea and China,this is what I believe. People kind of afraid to share, seems everyone comes for the speeches but forget it's better to communicate directly.

Creative business needs creative people, but if we are not able to connect each other then we won't have the opportunity to fulfill the idea. I think it's better to combine business ability with your ideas.

I am exciting to see the growing of the creative industry, but also scared about the impact on design field after this president election.

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