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星期一, 2月 04, 2008

Hard to make a Freelance contract... man

I think this is a typical problem for designers which is making a correct and reasonable contract to your client and get the case!!!

Ok, for my current study, there are few steps for beginners to start with.

1.Understand why the contract is important.
2.Do the quick salary research on the design field you r in.
3.Get a reliable sample.
4.Making your contract/Pricing your projects
5.Give it to other seniors to define it again.

and, here are some good articles I collected and are quite useful.

followed by the steps.

1.How to price freelance projects successfully. by Ben yoskovits
2.Salary Condition
4.How to set your hourly Rates
Pricing your projects
5.send it to me...

Still.... the most important thing is to know what u want and get the maximum of it.

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