Design with eyes 設計眼: MIURA 魔拉 I can't believe I fall into this charming modern design.

星期四, 12月 06, 2007

MIURA 魔拉 I can't believe I fall into this charming modern design.

Konstantin Grcic
He is one of the best industrial designers nowadays. I need to say I don't really fall into his design in the beginning. After seeing his works many times from websites and books, I start to ask some questions to the design. Why could his works keep a extremely clean shape? and still look interesting and catchy.

I saw MIURA in dragonfly store in Taipei. And the chair started to speak to me and wanted me to sit on it. That's a nature of what the shape shows. I can't resist the power of design and the material- plastic. I love the strength from the structure. You don't need to sit on it, but feel it by studying it.

Funny things happened after I want to have it. I don't know which colour should I have!!! Now, I am just like a woman in front of a elegant highheel and can't decide which colour will match her certain dress. It really is not a easy question to answer. Where I want to put it? When will I seat on it? Who will I share its design to? How long will I keep it? All these small questions coming up to my mind made me nervous. I believe this problem must reflect part of my design thinking and life. I think it happens when you need to make decision on a new product development as well. And designers tend to follow the current "trend"or the "fashion" in order to make more profit. That's why few designers will stand out by their sensitive design sense.

MIURA now is my first CHAIR collection. I am loving it.

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