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星期五, 11月 16, 2007

A relationship mapping tool

Two Dots could make a line
Boston Consulting Group's tool enables researchers and companies to map who's working on what and where, allowing innovative collaboration By Brian Hindo
News from Bussinessweek
Take a look at this interactive Database introduction from Businessweek

A tool for researchers to find out more possible connections with other fields' professions. However, what is interesting to me is the way the tool shows. I believe this will be the biggest question and key to use it - visual communication.

Mapping is always a good tool to tell a story of the relationship. I use it for designing and analyzing ideas a lot. MindMeister is another common program for anyone to make clear mind mappings. Visual Tresaurus is another great interactive project on-line. Which are good samples use this visual method to simply and indicate a situation or a phenomenon.

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