Design with eyes 設計眼: Wearing a cap is not the same with painting a cap

星期日, 9月 16, 2007

Wearing a cap is not the same with painting a cap

Fashion or fusion?
Recently,my brother imported some cheap caps from a distributor. We undoubtedly would like to do something creative. Yes, we decided to draw the cap. It is not for any commercial purpose but for fun.

The subject is "Draw something on the cap."

It is quite interesting experience when you try to come up with a idea which is about visual impact and the practical issues of the item. Such as why do you use black colour?, why do you use those elements on it? or why do you choose the material to draw? After this, I start to realize that I tend to ask some questions when it comes to a "design activity." It means I would assume some requirements of the user or set up some scenarios to make me comfortably design. It becomes my part of thinking logic naturally. I don't know if it 's good or not. Fortunately, I still can write down it by myself.

Anyways, I did draw the cap which is the front one of the picture. The drawing is about "Music, mind, and connection."

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