Design with eyes 設計眼: "Copyright, patent and trademark"

星期五, 7月 13, 2007

"Copyright, patent and trademark"

We love and hate the behavior of copying.
What is Copyright? What is patent? What is trademark?
[How do patents differ from copyright? With the exception of innovative designs, patents are associated with things and processes that are useful in the real world. Copyright applies to expressive works such as novels, fine and graphic arts, music, records, photography, software, video, cinema and choreography.]( Wednesday, July 11, 2007)
When they come to the subject of product design, it possibly differs from other types of art work. This author tried to point out the exception of product design between patent and copyright. Normally, an art work could involved in copyright and patent. The artist needs to keep the copyright for avoiding other's copying and might apply a patent about the technic he/she used in the work. "The patent and copyright don't overlap in this case." However, some product designs could break this general rule by applying both according to the same design. (The ornamental aspects and expressive elements.) This is really interesting and important to me. About trademark, please check out the article.

Hopefully, I can always do the right decision to protect my works.


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