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星期四, 1月 25, 2007

[Contest Result] Ceramics for breakfast

This toaster is awesome.
The creative part of the design is composed of a solution of heating and the fun of watching it heating.

The term of this concept, I am curious about the words which the designer said that " This toaster is designed to engage the user, re-invigorating(give it energy again) the social context of toasting by questioning everything about what we toast with today."

So this is the question:
what is the social context behind the behavior we toast or the period when we have breakfast today? and what's the difference of the context compared to before?

Take me for example, I live with a middle class family. The behavior of having breakfast seems is based on the life my family has and the place I live. Another interesting thing is the components of an apartment for 社會新鮮人 in Taiwan. Normally, the landlord won't provide gas service and kitchen. Then if you think deeper, it is not hard to realize why we have so many breakfast restaurants here. Especially, the place is around schools and offices.
Based on urban society. If we talk about the behavior of breakfast, I assume it is similar to the situation of the restaurant.. Why? cause of the traffic. People need to save time for it. Then, how we enjoy our breakfast? How important is the behavior of having breakfast in Taiwan?

成本十萬利潤五成 搶攻五百億早餐市場....台北市上班族或學生根本沒有時間等候,他們寧願去便利商店買個麵包就走(時報週刊, 吳嵩浩,20060609)
However, I believe people still want to change it. It is reality which is not perfect. So, as a designer, we need to understand the condition of a product for Taiwanese definitely should be considered more appropriate.

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