Design with eyes 設計眼: Plan a observational research!

星期一, 7月 17, 2006

Plan a observational research!

Observational research which is a great way for researchers to explore the reality of consumers. It bases on observing people's behaviors without disturbing. Also, behind the research what kinds of questions the researcher is asking is crucial to the result. If you ask the right questions, then you probably will get a great conclusion.

The book talked about these two important questions needed to be answered by the research.

1.Who will benefit from the research?

2.and what do them (the who) want to get out of the project?

Based on the right track, the researcher should have a clear , well-conceived proposal.
the issues to be covered , who will be recruited, what's going to be observed ...
A good proposal should be down to the minimum. A good way to test it is to use only one sentence to describe it.

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